Hello World!

As the tradition is in Blogs related to software engineering -even though this blog is not intended to be only software engineering blog!- My first post will be a hello to the world!

It’s the first time I take blog writing seriously.I had one or two prematurely dead blogs, this time I decided it’s about time to give blogging a longer shot. It’s always the time problem. I don’t ever get the time to settle down to write anything. I really regret all the past experiences that I could have shared with the world at the time, and I only remember them by looking at a forum post, or an old piece of code, so it’s really about time.

I used to be more of a participant in the community especially in CodeProject forums. It’s the stress of having two work fields to keep yourself updated in. As you may have noticed from the title of this blog, I’m a practicing Cardiologist -that’s heart doctor for those who don’t know-, software developer and recently windows/linux administrator. I work mainly in medical software systems, while finishing my Master degree in Cardiology. It’s hard to keep up with two of the most rapidly advancing fields, but fun at the same time. I feel being a physician gives me a different prospective in development, while being a developer/administrator gives me an edge in medicine, especially when it comes to deal with modern software and equipment.

I’ll start talking about how I even established this blog post as it has a quite interesting story, but that will be for another day. I just finalized putting up all the pieces of this site together and it’s already 2:30 AM by my local time -Cairo, Egypt-. See ya!

[Edit: I decided to post some old articles I wrote about troubles I faced with SharePoint Foundation 2010. Then I'll talk about establishing this blog]